A letter to my children


Eli and Evan every time I look at you both and catch you smile and laugh my heart skips a beat because you are my infinity and beyond. I want you to know that in this world you will come across many people who are blessed with graceful souls but you will also come across souls who haven’t been loved the right way and those souls might be hurting and taking out on you both. I want you to not let it get to you instead lend a piece of your heart and mind then show them right from wrong as you have been taught. As your mother, I’ve been watching you both carefully and know every little thing about you from your nobility, knowledge, laughter, and to the magical beauty, you both carry around the house. It’s an honor to be your mother I am very blessed for my little Oleas.  In life, you will make many mistakes and let me tell you that its ok as long as you LEARN from them because in LIFE we never stop learning and ( there’s always a solution). As your mother, I admit to my mistakes and take responsibility for my actions even if I accidentally hurt someone I say I am sorry. Trust me it will make you a better person than hiding behind lies. You are put on this earth not only to follow your dreams and work hard for them but to also be of service to others in need. Volunteer your time reading to children or elderly at hospitals, give back by helping out a recreation center, shelter, and stand up for injustice for our immigrants, women, LGBT, and education you were not raised to have hatred in your heart. You will once again learn the power of your knowledge and voice you are my children and I know you will make me proud. You know boys, all mothers believe in their children and I am no different, but you also have to believe in your self that’s why every time before we head out to your class Eli I make sure you know how much I love you and repeat your worth. I am loved, I am kind, I have dreams, I work hard, I listen, I am beautiful, I am understanding, I stand up for injustice. As for Evan my little one, right now you are too young to understand but every time I cuddle with you, I give you lots of kisses and hugs and spend time with you dancing and learning just know that this bond is too powerful to be broken. I also wanted to speak about your education and how important it is to be reading, doing the math, being exposed to new technology, languages, experience and take advantage of all the opportunities a good education can provide. Study and dedicate yourself to your homework I guarantee you everything will pay off. Be there for one another you have each other therefore you are never alone. Be patient, think before you act, and live. Remeber that god and myself are always watching so if I end up in heaven don’t think I left and start misbehaving because before you know it those little feet of yours will be grabbed at night lol so behave, my babies because mothers love is never-ending.

I also wanted you both to know its ok to be scared, to be brave, to cry and to feel its all ok

Dedicated to Eli and Evan ❤

I love you when you’re happy, I love you when you’re sad. I love you when you act good, I love you when you act bad. I love you when you win, I love you when you lose. I love you when you act wild and give mommy the blues! I love you no matter what you do because you can’t make me stop loving you! _Laila Ali

Wake up with a good attitude I can and I will 🙂 Learn to forgive and love unconditionally. Don’t let anyone tell you, You can’t do it because you can believe and work for it. You will make mistakes and fail and when that happens get back up.

You don’t have to be perfect but you have to be yourself.

As your mother, I will never stop working hard for you both and dedicate my life to you as long as I am breathing. I won’t stop playing with you, teaching you, joking and laughing with you. spending valuable time with you both. I LOVE YOU ELI AND EVAN

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Thank you 100 plus followers

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you all about why I haven’t been online for the past two days. I spoke about my PPD and how I needed more for myself. I set up many goals for this year, These past two days I have been brain storming in what path I will pave for myself. There are many things that I am working towards to. I am planning on having two business and creating a non profit. I believe this is all going to take time so I am taking it a step at a time. As I love writing and its what gets everything out my mind lol I will continue in providing you all with everything I learn and show you my mistakes and my thriumps. I also wanted to thank you all for the patience and the love you all have showned me and letting me express myself. I always read through the blogs and I have learn many things from you all. I have come across peoples poems, what ever is going on in the world, lifestyle tips, many powerful stories, foodies, travels. I am always amazed and happy that we have the ability to share and help someone in life and that sometimes we are not alone in this world. So with that said I hope everyone has a wonderful day and dream big because      Those dreams can become reality with hard work. Blessings my friends . See you all tomorrow.

Women into fitness

I am back everybody FITBODBYSTEPH is back !! The holidays are over which means its time to get up from that long food coma that we all have been and get back to work. I will be posting various workouts tips and I might do videos I am not sure yet, but I hope you enjoy my journey and find the motivation to join me and work together as a team. I will post workouts you can do at the gym, home, with your children and the park. It will be fun and we will learn from each other. I am feeling great, I will also post what I eat to maintain my weight. I really hope you come a join me. It does not matter what day you decide to start but as long as you keep moving forward. If you need encouragement I am here. We are a team 🙂

Today I started and let me just tell you. I felt like a damn noodle so limp and no balance what so ever.  I started with my Sweet Sweat Band and Jillian Micheals30-day Shred. BTW I stopped working out for 4 months and I feel like I am starting over and its ok:)

I will keep it simple the 1st week because I need my body to adjust. If you would like to purchase these items let me provide you the link. Also if you have any type of medical condition please consult with your Dr. before working out 🙂








Trump remarks about Haitians

I can’t believe that it’s 2018 and this is the country that we are living in, I am livid. I wanted to make a brief statement myself after the president Trump remarks about immigrants. Everyone, take a moment and think how many times you shook hands with someone of a different culture, A human who has feelings, who has dreams, who has a family, who is an immigrant, who speaks another language. Now think about how difficult it was for them to start a new life somewhere foreign to them. I just don’t understand how our president can lack empathy, be racist, and lack common sense. Mr. President, those floors, sidewalks, and streets you walk and ride in every day. Were built not just by citizens, but mostly by immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants, therefore you should be ashamed for speaking to our brothers and sisters like that. We all stand together against racism and should not be looked down on just because we come from different cultures, degraded because we are women, or have different sexual orientation. I really don’t know if you know this, but when you apply for a job, the job application requires your company and yourself to sign paperwork stating how the company and yourself don’t discriminate in any way, shape, or form. How did you even get into the white house? There are many things you lack understanding of and with a short mind like that, we won’t get anywhere. I suggest you search down in that cold heart and see how you got to that point, where you see us as enemies? I also believe that you have to go back to school and learn the basics such as History, Economy, and many other courses that will be at your benefit. Because as a President you have become an embarrassment, We need a president that is inspiring, that shows motivation, that does the right thing for the PEOPLE no matter your background, a president who provides an opportunity for everyone. People take mental notes and those notes can’t look good when racist keeps coming up! Step up your plate


BTW for our brothers and sisters out there, that is what he thinks but it’s not what The United States is about and we welcome you because I also come from immigrant parents and I’ve seen the struggles and triumphs we all have. I say to you,  keep that dream alive.


Also, we do not come from a shithole, Those places are beautiful in their own way, some are exotic, have different places to explore, different types of delicious foods, and have various daces that represents our culture, anywho you should know I am sure you have vacationed many places you call shitholes (it might have been in a nice 5 star hotel but you where there :). Yes, they are bad areas because the economy is unstable and we have no choice but  to leave our families behind its very heartbreaking when you don’t see your family for years.

Eli’s School Lunch Box

Hello guys, Our kids are now back from winter break and you’re trying to go back to your routine. I wanted to provide SIMPLE lunch ideas for our kids. Keep in mind this is what works for us as a family, do what works for you. I do not go over budget and use what I already have.

Day 1: Pita bread w/ ham and cheese, cherry tomatoes, gram crackers, and apple slices.

Day 2: Cheese quesadilla, cherry tomatoes, jicama, and raisins.

Day 3: Pancakes, sliced strawberries, blackberries, and cherry tomatoes.

Day 4: Tacos (2), raspberries,  tangerines, and cherry tomatoes.

Are you wondering where I got my Bento Box here is the link




Bento box comes with different size compartments and price does not change 🙂




















Oprah Chai Tea Review

Hello everyone, I wanted to start my day doing a review on one of my mom’s favorite tea sets she received on Christmas 3 years ago. The reason why I wanted to review this tea set it’s because of the unique qualities. When I went to Teavana to purchase this item I wanted to make sure the tea set was delicate yet simple. I love how cute the teacup is and how you can connect the tea set handles and forms a heart shape. The teacup is a great quality it is a ceramic cup and deep enough for the tea. The tea itself tastes very luxurious I personally enjoy it. It’s a great start to my moms day, she enjoys the tea so much that we still have some because she adds little by little so it can last. Our family is into teas a lot so this year I look forward providing one more blog post about my favorite teas and a few tips.  If you’re looking to gift your mom, grandmother, and mother in law a tea set this would be a great choice. Tea is amazing the Tea set is beautiful and comes with the infuser.  Also if you’re a big Oprah fan and love Chai Tea you know you got to have this item! another win for Oprah

Items available here

http://amzn.to/2qTP1id (currently unavailable but please check or call for status)




Teavana tea

Lost girl

Today my sadness got the best of me, I feel like I am walking through many learning experiences and struggles and it’s not going to end. I know deep down in my heart that God is good and he does not abandon his children, but right now everything is consuming me. I have faith that soon enough I will be guided to new opportunities. I have been feeling lost and for a couple of months and trying to learn my path. This unknown shouldn’t last long. I am trying to fly, I’ve fallen too many times and I won’t be defeated again. It’s time to relax, focus, and stay determined. One step at a time and turn this feeling into knowledge, not uncertainty. It’s been a while since I felt this vulnerable but it takes time one day you won’t be a lost girl anymore.

Investing in stocks

The new year has started and I wanted to start going down the list of what I wanted to accomplish. I started to do research in investing in stocks for my children and I. Since I am new to the stock market and learning how it works I am taking it slow. I have always watched the news and when they mention stocks I was clueless, but now I have some knowledge of what is going on. Though I am still learning I became familiar with the terms that are used and I personally think the charts are difficult to understand and I am sure it’s because I am a rookie at this. I started to follow Tim Sykes and did research on youtube and so forth. I wanted to let you know the websites I have used which are Stockpile and its where I have invested in a few companies like Disney, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, and a few more. As I am gaining knowledge I have also downloaded a program that I am currently testing out it’s called TD Ameritrade which also lets you practice with paper money before you invest your own money. I also wanted to let you all know that it’s a good thing to be aware of ways to invest in yourself and your family, therefore, they have something to fall back on. These are the sites that I have been using



yahoo finance

TD Ameritrade

Robinhood: https://referral.robinhood.com/stephao86/


M1 finance

Also please check out Tim Sykes

Learning doesn’t hurt your brain it just expands your knowledge 🙂 good luck everyone


Birth Control

Morning everyone sorry I have been MIA for the past 2 days, I came up with the flu it came back after I thought I was over it. Anywho I wanted to speak about Planned Parenthood and my birth control which I am currently on which is Nexplanon and MonoNessa which is the generic drug for OrthoCyclen. I wanted to share how we got here. Plain and simple after I had my 2nd child I knew that I was not ready financially or emotionally to carry another baby because I had 2 rough pregnancies with morning sickness throughout the whole 9 months, I just was not ready to start again. Therefore I resorted to going to planned parenthood and provided me options for the types of birth control that was available and what suited me the best. It all came down to weight gain, acne, when did I think about having more children 5 years or less, mood swings, and etc. I also had done my own research for a while and I decided to go ahead and get the implant in my arm, the implant is called  Nexplanon and it was at no cost for me because I don’t have insurance planned parenthood usually issues you a card where you can obtain certain free services if you lack funds or don’t have insurance. Well, once I found it that I would get the implant at no cost and proceeded along. What I knew about Nexplanon was that the implant lasts for about 3 years, that spotting could happen, weight gain as well, and the implant moving through another location in your body. So I made my pros and cons and decided it was time, I made my appt and went it where the procedure itself took less than 5 minutes the Dr. pinpoints the area where the implant will go then proceeded to numb that area with the injection feels kinda like a bee sting afterward they go ahead and insert the Nexplanon and bandage it.  They provide you with instructions not to have sex for 1 week after you have the implant inserted and do not take off or wet the bandage for 3 days. No problem it was all simple until I started to bleed some will be spotting but most of the time my blood would look dark almost a brownish color and other times  red. I have been bleeding since April of 2017 and still have to wear a pad, not a liner but a pad or tampon. I was not hemorrhaging at all, bleeding, spotting sometimes, and mood swings are the only side effects I had. Well since I knew this could happen I went ahead and waited for more than 6 months to go back to planned parenthood and see the Dr. I went in and explain everything that I have experience with this implant and suggested I try MonoNessa to control my bleeding which I agree on. Yesterday was my first day in taking the pill so I am hoping to stop bleeding and continue my life without having to wear a pad, tampon, and also enjoy my sex life which I had to admit I didn’t have any sex drive because of what was going on. My advice for anyone who is searching for the right birth control is do your research and not to forget that everyone’s body is different and it adjusts differently.

Tip: No matter what birth control you’re on always remain active and eat healthily, drink plenty of fluids.

Tip: Once you receive the implant they provide you with a blue card that states the date you received the implant and what date it should be removed PLEASE KEEP THAT SOMEWHERE SAFE YOU MIGHT NEED IT.

I go to Planned Parenthood myself for STD SCREENING and BIRTH CONTROL

Don’t forget that they are there to help you and do not be afraid to speak up







Kids Bath Routine

Kids bedtime routine is always a mission we are lucky as mom’s if we get them to bed before 8 P.M. so we can have time for ourselves. My kids are at the age where they are jumping and yelling around the house. Sometimes it feels like I am chasing two little tornados. When it comes to bath time I try to make it as relaxing as possible but who am I kidding. I start their bath time with warm water and add their favorite color capsule and bubbles. They really seem to get a kick out of the bubbles and watching the color capsule dissolve. During bath time my kids play around and splash water knowing I will clean it up, but eh! at least they are having fun and using their last battery life before they fall asleep. As I am typing this blog, right this moment my kids are showered and asleep and yes miracles do happen. I also wanted to share a few ideas that have helped me exhaust the little ones with interactive ideas in the shower.

  1. Color bath drops both of my kids are learning how to mix colors together and finding out what colors it turns.
  2.  Bathtub markers I got these markers for my boys and I didn’t like them at all because hardly any color came out from them and you had to press pretty hard to get any color out. I will not be purchasing this item again. Instead, I suggest the Bathtub finger paint which I’ve tried and it’s more paint and it can be a little messy but you’re in the bathtub so it really doesn’t matter. My kids didn’t have any difficulty playing with the finger paint.
  3. Bubbles because who doesn’t like bubbles I am 26 and still take bubble baths myself 🙂 I use Equate Berry and it produces a lot of bubbles for a little amount and one thing I was concerned about is my younger son has sensitive skin and it has not affected him at all. Since every child is different please use what works for you. I purchased these items all at Walmart, but if you’re lazy to go to the store you can purchase them on my homepage there is a QUICK ACCESS TO AMAZON. You can get them delivered to you from Amazon whatever you prefer.
  4. Music I enjoy every type of music so it really depends on my mood or if the kids request an artist or a song which is usually my oldest son.
  5. Lastly, I usually like to wrap them burrito style, dry them, and have their clothes by me it’s much convenient when everything is within arm’s length. If you have children under 1 1/2 don’t forget the warm bottle of milk try to have it ready so you’re not making double trips 🙂 Happy sleeping for your babies and Wine for you momma 🙂
  6. This is more like a DON’T FORGET DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS UNATTENDED IN THE BATHTUB it can be DEADLY even for a few sec. Just be aware 🙂