Welcome to Steph’s life. 26 yrs old married since 2010. I have the most beautiful children Eli and Evan who you will get to know. My goal is to manage multiple task so I am able to purchase a home in 5-6 years with my family. I will take you in a journey that will hopefully inspire anyone who is going through any hardships. I have made many mistakes financially that I am trying to recover from. Though I have career in the medical field and still going to school to further my education… while not saving it has hurt me to the point that I had to move back with my mom and of course paying my bills and rent. I hope as I am making steps to recover from this you will be by my side learning together or taking in some advice from one another. Not only will this be my journal but it will be my guide. I will also provide what works for me in my daily lifestyle ..With much love and blessings Steph 😀